Since 2010

A personal experience on Twitter from our founder, Koen Jordaans, was the inspiration for an innovative, new vision. Exactly this experience showed the power and impact social media can have, in particular the authentic manner of communication that contributes to this. From this vision, he developed a methodology that helps organisations to achieve their organizational goals.

You can reach the whole world for an important part on you own. However, it is not necessary you'll reach everyone in your targeting with your social media messages. This requires a delicate interaction between owned-, paid- and earned media channels. Combine this with the right strategic approach and succes will lie within your reach!


The highest form of communication is from person to person. Only honest, authentic and personal forms of communication make it possible to transfer your vision, beliefs, motives, ideas and inspiration to others. In order to make a real difference in this world.

Therefore, it is important to focus only on this form of communication: honest, authentic, and especially... personal.


Apostle developed a Social shift methodology that will help you with this. Through the engagement of your employees and a smart social media approach, you will be able to reach the relevant networks that you are aiming for.