More visibility and turnover per franchise with social media

Apostle provides everything franchises need to increase visibility on social media through the personal social media profiles of employees and your corporate channels.

  • Overview brand expressions of all franchises;
  • Powerful brand with a consistent appearance;
  • More visibility and turnover per franchise

We will solve your social media challenges

❌ Every dealer has their own marketing policies and offers, leading to a weakened brand image
❌ Multiple social business channels have resulted in a proliferation of content, which means that you no longer have control over all branding and the quality of the content.
❌ Local entrepreneurs do not always have the knowledge and skills to use social media successfully.
❌ Getting local branches into the content strategy of the head office appears to be a time-consuming affair.
❌ Posting is not consistent and often only on business profiles, so there is almost no interaction on messages

With Apostle you take back control of your communication strategy and involve your franchises in propagating the brand expressions on social media. This way regional visibility and turnover is increased everywhere.

Boost your turnover per regional franchise with Apostle’s smart social media approach:

Gain regional visibility with unique content

Your franchises bring your brand to life and can convince customers with their own stories. Encourage them to share unique local content through their social media channels and your visibility will be increased locally.

Streamline your communication and build a strong franchise brand

How often and consistent you share content, will partially determine the success of your social media. With streamlined communication you ensure that posting is consistent and that the quality of the content is checked.

Boost your sales in a few weeks

In conjunction with a tight content strategy, social media campaigns provide an extra boost in visibility per location. This leads directly to an increase in turnover.

Greater regional visibility and run-up to the physical stores. Isn't that what every brand wants?

With Apostle you involve every franchise in the delivery and sharing of content on their own social media profiles. You remain in control. They get greater visibility and more customers.

This is what other companies say about Apostle

With the help of Apostle, we offer our franchisees ready-to-use content. We also use content that we receive from them. Authentic local content is appealing and more recognizable. It helps us gain more reach and results in the Netherlands.
Lotte Gerritsen, contentmanager at De Hypotheker

Boost your sales per branch in a few weeks with the Apostle Franchise package

Social media strategy

First, we will create a social media strategy and content plan with a focus on revenue. We will also prepare and schedule a message for each franchise every week.

Powerful social media tool

With our tool you get a link to all business and personal social media accounts of your locations. With this you keep an overview and you can easily publish messages.

Support for the local entrepreneur

We take care of content creation and its planning via our social media tool. Our social media team runs and optimizes the campaigns. We support the local entrepreneurs in supplying authentic content.

Immediate results

Our package offers immediate results in terms of turnover and directs financial KPIs. The first results will be visible within a week.

Content quality control

With a clear social media presence and presenting a united brand image, you build a strong identity. Our quality control guarantees authentic content with maximum impact.

Social media Experts

Support from a team with 15 years of experience in franchise advocacy and social media campaigns.

We invest in our relations

Do you also want more control over the turnover of your franchisers? Make an appointment now to gain insight into the benefits of working with Apostle