Employee advocacy platform for teams

A powerful employee advocacy platform for to bring your work to life through personal social media platforms of your own employees and relations.

  • Increases your online reach and presence on social media
  • Streamlines your social media planning in all layers of your organization
  • Generate a continuous stream of new leads

We will solve your social media challenges

❌ Seperating yourself from your competitors is getting more and more difficult now that everyone is wanting to grasp everyone’s attention
❌ There is almost no interaction with your social media posts
❌ Your organization is still reliant on expensive social media campaigns to gain visibility
❌ Your employees aren’t enthused to share their own content
❌ With your current social media tools you can only plan posts. With this you won’t activate or encourage your brand ambassadors, such a waste!

With Apostle your struggle to achieve results on social media will stop and you activate your colleagues and relations to create maximum visibility. This gives you an advantage over your competitors.

With a content marketeer you won’t activate or encourage your employees to post on social media

Don’t have enough time
Don’t have enough knowledge of social media
Don’t understand what can be gained from social media
Won’t adapt or add personality to their posts

There is a better way to be successful on social media

Apostle offers you the tools and software that you need in order to turn your employees and relations into your very own brand ambassadors on social media, making you constantly visible for prospects and clients.

What results will you get when your employees are actively posting on social media?

Brand awareness and image

Reach of posts coming from your employees is 561% higher than on corporate social media pages

High trust factor, more customers

Leads that come in via brand ambassadors are 7 times more likely to manifest in a new client, this is because 92% of the customers trust messages in social media messages from their own network

New leads

91% of all corporate clients are active on social media. On average new clients tend to reach out after seeing 3 to 5 posts.

This is what other companies say about Apostle

“The involvement within the organization has grown immensely. Likes are skyrocketing, views are increasing. In some cases, messages posted by employees get over 8000 views on their personal pages. You won’t get this kind of involvement with a regular company page anymore!”
Bas Seeters, Digital Marketing Coordinator KTBA
“Social has become the focal point of our marketing. It has sped up our entire marketing process.”
Luuk Slaats, CEO Centralpoint
“Don’t use a scattergun approach, but connect with your (potential) clients naturally and authentically: a necessary tilt for every organization that takes itself seriously.”
Mirjam Giesbers, Director Asset Management (Vermogensbeheer) Rabobank

Apostle will help your organization to implement an effective employee advocacy program

Powerful software

Software that is linked to the personal profiles of your employees and corporate pages, to easily plan and share content.

Training and e-learning

Bring your social media strategy to a new level with our training, templates and e-learning.

Implementation process

With our social shift method, your employees will be active on social media in no time!

Social media experts

Support from a team that has 15 years of experience in employee advocacy and special media campaigns


To keep your employees enthused, we use different rewards and gamification

Fast results

Whether you would like a higher turnover or more visibility for your organization, we will help you achieve your goals.

These organizations are boosting their social media with Apostle, when will you join us?

Apostle customers are recruiting new leads and applicants through social media, expanding their reach online, and crushing their competition. Stop wasting time, use Apostle as your competitive advantage to grow your business.

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