Understand the sales process of your brand in the dealer channel

Apostle provides everything brands need to gain control over their online brand expressions and sales in the dealer channel.

  • Increase sales in the dealer channel
  • Expand the regional reach
  • Keep control over all brand expressions

We will solve the challenges of your dealer channel

❌ Your brand image is dependent on how the retailer portrays your brand
❌ It is difficult to acquire new dealers or agencies as there are no more trade fairs or events
❌ Every dealer has their own marketing policies and offers, leading to a weakened brand image
❌ Your brand is not featured in the online expressions of the dealers
❌ Local entrepreneurs do not always have the knowledge and skills to successfully draw attention to your brand exposures on social media

With Apostle you get a grip on the sales and online branding of your dealer channel and you have a tested and predictive business model within 3 months to systematically increase the turnover per dealer.

Gain control over the online brand expressions of your dealer channel

Become regionally visible with your brand

Krijg grip op de online uitingen van jouw merk en vergroot je online bereik en verkoop per dealer.

Strengthen your corporate image with quality content

The stores that sell your brand are the face of your brand image. Activate them to consistently share unique regional content about your brand and maintain control over quality.

Boost your turnover in just a few weeks

Together with a great content strategy, online campaigns provide an extra boost in visibility per location. This leads directly to an increase in turnover.

Greater regional visibility and run-up to the physical stores. Isn't that what every brand wants?

Apostle’s Dealer Package

New online sales channel with predictable turnover

We determine a strategy with a content plan for your dealer channel. After 3 months of campaigns and experiments, you will have a predictable business model ready to predict turnovers per dealer.

Checking your online communications

Our powerful social media tool gives you structure and control over the online social media branding of the affiliated dealers.

Support for the local entrepreneur

We take care of content creation and its planning via our social media tool. Our social media team runs and optimizes the campaigns.

Immediate results

Our package offers immediate results in terms of turnover and directs financial KPIs. The first results will be visible within a week.

Content quality control

We support the local entrepreneurs in supplying authentic content. Our quality control guarantees authentic content with maximum impact.

Maximum online reach

Social media channels of the local entrepreneurs and paid campaigns are used together to generate maximum reach.

This is what others say about Apostle

With this tool we prepare ready-to-use social media messages for our retailers that they can post from their smartphone while being in their shop. Today, social media has become part of our strategy to take Shimano Service Centers to the highest level.
Erik-Jan Brunninkreef, manager retail services & concepts bij Shimano

We invest in our relations

Do you also want more control over the turnover of your dealers? Make an appointment now to gain insight into the benefits of working with Apostle.